i just dont get the idea on how to do this [projectile motion]

by suryanarayan
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May1-12, 11:16 AM
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i dont know how this works.....when a body is projected at an angle "theta" with the horizontal above a height 'h'...what is its maximum height and maximum range???should i just treat it as two separate motions or is there another way to do it....i can solve if it is just a parabolic projection from the ground or if it is horizontal projection from an height(parallel to the horizontal)

please help???
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May1-12, 11:34 AM
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The preferred technique is to break the motion into two independent components, vertical and horizontal. You can write F=ma for the two componenents separately, and the only thing that connects them is they share the same "t" (time). Often, the horizontal (x) component is simply motion at a constant speed, x=vt. The vertical (y) component is the same as if you throw a particle straight up with some initial speed u. Then note that v and u are the components of the initial velocity, using trigonometry on the angle theta.

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