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Ion Drive grouping question...?

by Capt.Ahab
Tags: ion drive
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May8-12, 12:35 AM
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I'm pretty green on this stuff but have one question.

What would happen if you placed 5 HiPEP ion drives (4 x 20KW, 1 x 40KW) together, the 4 20KW pointed directly at each other and 1 40KW on the end directing between the other 4?

Not a homework question at all just a general "i'm curious as hell" question from an uber noob with an intrest lol.

Do you think it would go bang or would the combination create more thrust than the 5 spread accross a hull??

You can Laugh at me if you like, i won't take offence :oP


Ahab :o)
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