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The Philadelphia Incident

by jai6638
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Dec17-04, 08:58 AM
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Hey... My physics professor was telling us in class about Tesla and the experiment he conducted. He supposedly, made a whole ship dissapear using high voltage electromagnetic waves....

I was wondering what are thoughts of people on this and whether you guys think if it actually happened or not?

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Louis Cypher
Dec20-04, 04:22 AM
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I wouldn't take the film too seriosuly but naval intelligences believe that something very odd happened, the ship not only appeared to dissapear but it dissapeared of radar to suggesting light and radio waves where refracted in some way. The British amiralty are n0ot surprising quite tight lipped about it but this experiment has never been repeated, probably because sveral crew lost there lives. Just a guess but maybe the huge electromagnetic waves deflected both light and radio wave, but that's just conjecture, who really knows, tessla maybe?
Ivan Seeking
Dec20-04, 04:45 AM
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The ship was never in Philadelphia. The large coils used were for degaussing the ship's hull - this was to prevent triggering magnetic mines. Invisibility was discussed wrt to RADAR and known physics, and optical invisibility was a project involving paint, colors, and patterns. There were men who lived with the ship from the point of construction right through the period of time in question. They say this never could have happened; there was no opportunity for this without their knowledge. They do admit to getting quite a laugh out of the whole thing. Finally, the author of this entire story - Carlos Miguel Allende - has been thoroughly debunked. There was no Philadelphia Experiment.

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