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Blackbody Field Conditioner (Audiophile Gear)

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Nov12-12, 02:33 AM
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The Blackbody is unlike any other filter or conditioner. All power filters and conditioners address noise found on wires, but there’s another type of noise altogether. Until now, this inconspicuous type of noise has been largely unacknowledged. It is caused by constant electromagnetic interaction between gear and immediately surrounding objects: stands, racks, nearby signal wiring, enclosures, and other objects containing circuitry or not. This type of radiated noise is not confined to wires. The Blackbody works by absorbing these reflections, effectively solving the problem. Being the only conditioner of its kind, it offers a level of performance previously unattainable.

Until recently, the audiophile community has underestimated the relevance of near field electromagnetic (EM) interaction to audio reproduction quality, specifically to the coloration of sound. While audiophiles generally agree that objects like racks, stands, and footers influence sound quality, it is also widely believed that this influence is only vibrational (mechanical) in nature. According to our own research, a significant source of that coloration is actually not physical in nature, and is due instead to near field EM interaction. After we explain what kind of tests we carried out which led to this conclusion, we’ll go on to postulate that indeed any object in the vicinity of your gear’s circuitry influences the resulting sound quality to some degree, even without making physical contact with it. We’ll then segue into the basics of electromagnetic radiation and how this relates to high end audio. By that point, the problem of EM interaction will be obvious and we’ll then explain what makes the Blackbody a uniquely effective and elegant solution—one that offers audiophiles a new level of accuracy in audio reproduction.
Only $1,323. Of course, they recommend multiple units to "maximize coverage and effectiveness."

There is a lot of sciency stuff on their site and they have lots of other goodies to sell as well.
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Nov12-12, 07:54 AM
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Quote Quote by Jimmy View Post

Only $1,323. Of course, they recommend multiple units to "maximize coverage and effectiveness."

There is a lot of sciency stuff on their site and they have lots of other goodies to sell as well.

I find that blackbody conditioner works best if I apply lip balm first.
Dec16-12, 11:18 PM
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"Employs proprietary FlowFlux Technology."

$1149 for a power cable with a flux capacitor, sounds good too to me.

Dec17-12, 03:13 PM
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Blackbody Field Conditioner (Audiophile Gear)

The magic bullet here is the price tag. Every "reall audiophile" knows stuff sounds better if you pay more money for it.
Sylvia Else
Dec28-12, 12:20 AM
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I tend to feel that anyone who falls for this kind of thing clearly has much too much money, and deserves to have some of it taken away from them. I just wish there was a way to make the distribution fairly, rather than having it all to to scam artists.

On a physics note, it is of course true that everything is radiating. Unfortunately, that will include the blackbody conditioner itself.

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