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Twinkies 19 48.72%
Cheese puffs 26 66.67%
Moon Pie 14 35.90%
Doughnuts 34 87.18%
McDonald's French fries 35 89.74%
Chipwich 9 23.08%
Fried pork rinds 15 38.46%
Snickers 34 87.18%
Pepperoni pizza 37 94.87%
Doritos 33 84.62%
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What's your JFQ (Junk Food Quotient)?

by jtbell
Tags: food, junk, quotient
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Nov20-12, 12:46 PM
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Quote Quote by jim mcnamara View Post
Where my kids grew up, one of the great unhealthy foods was on the table most mornings: green chile bacon.

Fry one pound (yep one pound) in a large skillet. When the bacon is crispy done you pour off lots of grease, and throw in a cup of roasted green chile. Cook long enough to get the chile hot.

If you do it right the bacon is still crunchy with a great green chile flavor , and the green chile itself is wonderful on eggs. I don't want to think about the consequences on my blood lipids....

Green chile is no way realted to the reddish brown stuff people everywhere associate with chile.

If this sounds odd, this is New Mexico. That alone makes it odd. Chile is Capsicum spp. pods harvested green, not beans, tomato sauce, hamburger, and hot sauce. That is chile mac or Texas chile.
Ooooh, that sounds yummy, I love green chiles!!!

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