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Do I have to know general physics before Calc-based-physics?

by DaveTheRave93
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Nov23-12, 03:22 AM
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Hello physicists,

I am taking calc-based physics next semester, but I have a really bad background in high school physics. Do I have to know general physics before Calc-based-physics? Or recommended?

Also, Im taking calulus 1 this semester, and have an A so far. Would that guarantees me a good grade in cal-based physics 1?
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Nov23-12, 03:28 AM
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Usually, a calc-based introductory physics course is designed not to assume that you know any physics. Any foreknowledge you have would certainly help, but it's not necessary.

Doing well in Calculus is a good indicator that you'll do well in intro physics, but there is more to physics than math that goes in it, so it is possible that you'll find physics more difficult.

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