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What's next?

by shines57
Tags: self study, study plan
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Nov26-12, 02:14 AM
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Question: What's next for me? What should I learn next in physics and math?

(I want a career in theoretical physics - phd route).

I've learned:

Physics: Newtonian Mech w/ calc, Griffith's Intro to Electrodynamics, Goldstein's classical mechanics, griffith's intro to quantum mechanics, and Faber's Fluid Dynamics for Physicists.

Math: multivariable calc, diff equations, partial diff equations, lie algebra, and linear algebra.

Thanks for the advise and help in advance! :)

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Nov26-12, 03:49 AM
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Physics: Sounds like you are ready for more advanced QM and GR. Try reading Bransden & Joachain, fo example. For GR, maybe Hartle?

Math: Calculus on manifolds? Differential geomtry would help with GR. Some formal education on functional analysis (Hilbert spaces etc) would probably not hurt for QM either.
Nov26-12, 03:50 AM
P: 108
If you want to change topics in Physics then go to Statistical Mechanics/Thermodynamics and Oscillation-Waves-Optics. but if you want to do more on your studied topics [which is from Elementry level books] then go to Marion's Mechanics, Jackson's Electrodynamics and Sakurai's Quantum Mechanics.
In Mathematics remaining field Analytical Geometry.

Nov26-12, 08:30 AM
PF Gold
P: 317
What's next?

In what context have you learned these? Undergraduate? Self study? Its an odd range of difficulty of material.

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