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What do you think of the hutchison effect?

by Kakarot
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Jan2-05, 10:27 PM
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seems interesting to me, ive seen it on tv before but only a small portion of the show.
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Jan2-05, 10:41 PM
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I am almost tempted to buy one of his earlier videos, if you do pm me. His earlier footage if its a trick (which probably is considering the angles zoom etc) I can not work it out yet. If its for real I dont think its based on any currently understood physics, but dont take my word for it. He seems to get even less credible the more stuff he releases.
Jan2-05, 10:51 PM
P: 65
ROFL look what i just found

look at the top right corner of screen and tell me what you see moving. i dont know if he made this video but if he did... someone should beat his face rofl

Jan2-05, 10:53 PM
P: 234
What do you think of the hutchison effect?

Yes I had this video in mind when I made my last comments
Jan2-05, 10:54 PM
P: 65
hahahaha. it seemed really nice to read and watch until i saw that, then i was like ummm wtf. but i did read that he made some crystals that collect electromagnetic waves and then output them as energy. this seems really interesting to me because if the waves are everywhere in space than it could be used as an infinite power supply for us

i just read this too

I've received a number of messages about the above video-links pointing out that a string is clearly visibly holding up the toy-UFO that Hutchison is experimenting with. I asked John for more information on the purpose of the string, and received the following reply:

"The string is not string but #32-gauge double polythermalized wire on a takeup up reel with 20 to 50000 volts DC. The the main apparatus was turned on, causing the toy plastic ufo to fly all about in amazing gyrations. This was a pretest to gryphon films airing this fall for fox TV. I did not need the extra high voltage 2000 time period so the toy levitated without a high voltage hook up during the filming for gryphon there was a string on the toy no high-voltage dc but interesting movements." - John Hutchison

it does seem like a string though, also the movements resemble that of a yoyo being yanked up because i suck with yoyos and it looks exactly like that
Jan2-05, 11:03 PM
P: 234
His zero point battery thing looks like a crap chemical battery or maybe some sort of pizo electric effect, its very difficult to tell from the information/video but its quite funny whatever. His earlier footage/experiments though is quite interesting.
Ivan Seeking
Jan3-05, 01:04 AM
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So is everyone happy now?

Sorry folks, there is no reason why this subject should remain enigmatic. If Hutchinson can do what he claims there should be no doubt about it. Unless and until someone can produce something besides nonsense evidence for Hutchinson's claims, this subject is closed.

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