Gaussian Radius of curvature in an argon ion laser

by lauraboyleify
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Dec5-12, 10:29 AM
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Hi, having a bit of trouble with this question
"In an argon ion laser ( λ = 514nm) the minimum beam waist is 1.0mm and is close to the plane mirror. Calculate the radius of curvature of the beam at the output mirror. 1.15m away"

Attempt at a solution:

θ = 2λ/pi W02
R = Z + ZR2/Z
ZR = piW02 / λ
I used
W0 = min beam waist = 1.00 mm
Z= distance from beam waist to mirror = 1.15m
And found Zr with the formula and used it in the Radius of curvature, R formula but got the worng answer. I got R = 33.5m
The answer given is R = 3.08m
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Dec6-12, 12:03 PM
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Beam width isn't beam radius!

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