12/7/12 PHD comic: 'Amazing'

by Greg Bernhardt
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Greg Bernhardt
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Dec7-12, 06:10 PM
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Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
title: "Amazing" - originally published 12/7/2012 For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

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Dec7-12, 07:05 PM
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Today? 20+ years ago that was common.

I remember when my then-boss professor took offense after being sent a mail that was printed on the laser printer (judging from the time period it must have been some early model of Laser Writer II). He was sure he got a standard reply that was sent to everyone attending the conference (these were mass printed) and not a personal answer from the organizing committee member (who was not only his peer but also kind of a friend) - these were written on the typewriters, and they were easy to distinguish. Both print quality and the formatting were not fitting the typewriter.

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