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Electric flux and charge

by ankities
Tags: charge, electric, flux
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Dec17-12, 12:31 AM
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eletric flux and charge have same units ie coloumb

is it a coincidence or some similarity exists btw these two?

electric flux density D= εE is used for calculating flux ψ not E .why?(read tht it is done for practical reasons) please explain the practical reasons ,if any.
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Dec17-12, 01:14 AM
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Electric flux is in V/m or Volt per distance, not coulomb.
Dec17-12, 01:55 AM
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Quote Quote by yungman View Post
Electric flux is in V/m or Volt per distance, not coulomb.
no,V/m is electric field intensity not flux

Dec17-12, 04:25 AM
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Electric flux and charge

Electric charge unit is ampere seconds (A s). Electric flux unit is volt meters (V m).

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