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502 error

by Studiot
Tags: error
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Dec17-12, 02:10 AM
P: 5,462
I am seeing the 502 bad gateway error this morning.

Please note this 'fix', I don't know if it will help
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Dec17-12, 03:49 AM
cristo's Avatar
P: 8,325
Was this around 7am GMT? If so, this is (used to be?) when the backup took place, which often returned errors for a few minutes.
Dec17-12, 05:53 AM
P: 5,462
0800 GMT, however I have not seen it since.

I just thought the link might be useful to someone in case it has to do with the server changes and I would post it whilst I could, just in case.

The only thing that has improved(!?!) in the UK internet recently is the hype.

everything else has gone downhill.

I've been seeing some temporary (10 - 30 seconds) freezing at PF in the last few days, but only on Windows7, not XP.
I'm not sure if this is to do with the server change or the bumper Christmas updates to windows and IE from Microsoft.

Anyway, thanks for the interest, I'm hoping it will go away if I ignore it, like most things.

Greg Bernhardt
Dec17-12, 10:58 AM
Greg Bernhardt's Avatar
P: 9,685
502 error

Thanks for the notification. Please keep reporting such errors and recording when they happen and for how long.

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