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Causing levitating magnet rotation

by r6900
Tags: causing, levitating, magnet, rotation
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Dec17-12, 01:54 PM
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I have a device like this one: (All of them work the same)

Here's an image:

I want to make it spin without touching it with hands.

I tried using magnets of several kinds, and tried to put them in many places around it but it didn't make it spin. It just made it to vibrate a little.

I guess there is a point in which the "pen" will spin and spin. Basically, I prefer to make it rotate not with magnets, but with an electric current. Most likely, I will use an AC generator, and it also makes sense, because I thought that in some point there will be same poles, and then the pen will spin a little bit, and then there will be different poles, but the alternate current changes the poles each time, so the poles will always be the same.

My question is: in what point should it happen?
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