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Plotting potential of 2 bodies.

by kagestodder
Tags: field, potential
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Dec17-12, 03:27 PM
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Hi everyone,

Im currently following an example of this paper:

And have reached a standstill on page 5. Im trying to plot the pseudo potential of the two bodies. I have succeded in plotting the gravitational potential in maple. But when i want to plot the pseudo potential i have to use the function (14). But on the added centrifugal force theres r, which i pressume is the position vector.

Im not really sure how to plot this since i now have 3 (x,y,r) variables instead of 2(x,y). r must be some sort of function of x and y, i think? If anyone has ever plottet the potential field i would love to know what to do now.

and thanks in advance.
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Dec17-12, 03:58 PM
jtbell's Avatar
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Hint: r is the "diagonal" distance running directly from the origin to the point (x,y). x is the "horizontal" distance from the origin. y is the "vertical" distance from the origin. x, y and r form the three sides of a right triangle. What famous Greek do you think of when you look at a right triangle?
Dec17-12, 04:16 PM
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thanks :) Graph looks perfect now!

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