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Necessity of End time in analysis Setting

by Total_Damage
Tags: ansys workbench, ansysexplicit, autodyn
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Dec15-12, 11:41 AM
P: 9
Dear Sir,
Could anyone tell me, what is the Necessity of End time in analysis Setting.
I just want to calculate the Deformation in the target by the Projectile with the velocity of 840m/s. here i want the result by Releasing the projectile in the distance of 22m. Here only i'm having the problem.
1. How to set the distance travelled by the Projectile. i prepared the model by using Pro-E and imported to Ansys. Using version 14.

2. How to get the Deformation on the target?

3. Could any one is having tutorial in Ansys Autodyn?

Pls Pls Help me from this things?????????????????????/////
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Dec18-12, 01:07 AM
P: 105
I think you can just set the initial position of the projectile to be some arbitrarily small distance from the target, like .1m instead of 22m. Then, give it an initial velocity of 840m/s. Setting your endtime to .1s or less should capture everything you want to see.

It would seem to me that the more important questions are:
What Ansys material model are you using for the projectile and the target? Are you using solid elements? Do you need to model fracture and penetration?
Dec18-12, 10:12 PM
P: 9
Thank you afreiden,
I'm using to solve this Problem in Ansys Workbench>Explicit>Autodyn3D. Yes i'm using Different material, Projectile is having two and target is one solid material. For material i was selected from Explicit material>Projectile-(Tungsten at the tip and and for the base Steelv230, For target applied RHA. And i need Penetration.

and one thing have to know, What is the difference Between ansys Autodyn and Ansys Workbench>Explicit>Autodyn.

Need your Reply for this too, While speaking with one Prof, He said that one material, That is in nature liquid, but when it subjected to pressure it wll become solid state. do u know such a material. pls help me, and waiting for your reply.......

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