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My girl

by marlon
Tags: girl
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Jan3-13, 04:28 PM
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4 months now
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Jan3-13, 04:50 PM
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4 months now
Oh my gosh, Marlon, she's beautiful!! And I don't say that about babies very often.
Jan3-13, 04:51 PM
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Oh she's so adorable !

Jan3-13, 04:52 PM
Borek's Avatar
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My girl

Cute!! Congratulations

(girls were so fascinated they forgot to approve the attachment )
Jan3-13, 05:12 PM
marlon's Avatar
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Is my beautiful mih still here. I miss my baby. Tell her her lover is back
Jan3-13, 06:55 PM
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drizzle's Avatar
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Cute baby marlon :)
Jan3-13, 09:58 PM
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Aw she tiny. I miss those days =(!
Jan4-13, 04:08 AM
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So cute!
She seems to be alot wiser than her age:)

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(girls were so fascinated they forgot to approve the attachment )
Jimmy Snyder
Jan4-13, 04:54 PM
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You've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
Jan5-13, 01:57 PM
P: 412
OMG she is soooo cuuute!
Jan6-13, 10:26 AM
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As always everybody goes gaga over a baby.
coootchy coootchy cooo .:)

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