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Designing a High frequency High voltage device

by Strangeline
Tags: designing, device, frequency, voltage
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Jan4-13, 11:48 AM
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I have need of a circuit capable of generating a rapidly oscillating, strong electric field between two electrodes (or a single electrode). Ideally, several kV would alternate between two electrodes at up to 10 MHz frequencies. I suppose what I'm asking for is basically a capacitor capable of switching its charges.

I've played around with a few of my own circuit designs. I've been avoiding the LC in series because it simply wont oscillate as fast as I'd like it to with the voltages involved. They mostly involved a function generator, mosfets, and DC power sources. However I am not an expert, and there is a good chance none of my designs will work.

I understand I could just place the electrodes very, very close to each other and even a tiny capacitance would create a "strong" electric field, but for my purposes the electrodes MUST be at least an inch apart.

so two things are required:
1. 10~ MHz frequency
2. kV's between electrodes up to 1 inch apart

Does this kind of device exist? and if it doesnt, is this kind of device even possible?
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Jan4-13, 12:26 PM
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Duplicate thread locked. You still need to answer my questions from your original thread before it can be unlocked. Check your PMs.

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Thread closed temporarily.

Look, you said that you are working on an dielectrophoresis project, which understandably involves HV RF E-fields. But, you have repeatedly demonstrated a very worrisome lack of understanding of HF and RF and even basic electronics. We do not help people with dangerous projects here on the PF. We can help people with the correct background and experience and with professors/Mentor supervision to do more advanced projects.

So, you need to PM me with much more explicit details of what you are working on, what school you are attending, and what the details are of your current project. It's just too easy for you to hurt yourself or others without the appropriate supervision.

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