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Permeability of light though Fluoropolymer Resin

by travisr34
Tags: fluoropolymer, light, permeability, resin
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Jan9-13, 04:15 PM
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I have a application question. I am going to be trying to pump UV curing material though a Fluoropolymer tubing. I was wondering if there was anyway I can tell by looking at the spec sheet if the UV material will cure inside the tubing. Basically I am looking to find the permeability of light through the tubing. Or some other properity that might tell me where I stand as far as how much UV light can penetrate the tubing.

The spec on the tubing is as following. The tubing is colored red
Dielectric Constant: 2.1 D150/103Hz
Dielectric Strength: 500 D149/125MIL
Refractive Index: 1.35

I am not sure about the properties of the UV curing material as it may vary from time to time. All that I will know is that it will cure under light in the ultraviolet spectrum.
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