What are some graphical,colored,cartoony books?

by nody
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Jan15-13, 03:14 PM
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Well I always used to like books which explain stuff on examples and that are well illustrated,drawn.So I ask,could you tell me what are some science books with lots of pictures drawings,diagrams,etc...?Btw not searching for books which are for kids,I am a college student but just don't want too serious black and white books,but I want books which talk and explain serious physics,math,programming stuff.Example books which I liked : manga guide to linear algebra,head first C,head first programming,also to visualise something really helps me when I learn something new.Sorry for my english and thx for reading.
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Jan18-13, 12:56 AM
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I'd try posting this in the General Forum instead of the Sci-Fi forum.
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Jan18-13, 04:51 AM
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All the Introductory texts I have used contains diagrams, pictures, illustrations etc. where needed.As I am from developing country so books are in Black-n-White but I am sure US edition is colorful.

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