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Solar powered vertebrate (through symbiosis with algae)

by Pythagorean
Tags: algae, powered, solar, symbiosis, vertebrate
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Jan18-13, 01:49 PM
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A close examination of [salamander] eggs revealed that some of the algae were living within the embryos themselves, and in some cases were actually inside embryonic cells. That suggested the embryos weren't just taking oxygen from the algae: they might be taking glucose too. In other words, the algae were acting as internal power stations, generating fuel for the salamanders.

To find out if that was happening, Erin Graham of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and colleagues incubated salamander eggs in water containing radioactive carbon-14. Algae take up the isotope in the form of carbon dioxide, producing radioactive glucose.

Graham found that the embryos became mildly radioactive – unless kept in the dark. That showed that the embryos could only take in the carbon-14 via photosynthesis in the algae.
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Jan21-13, 08:49 AM
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Wow that's pretty interesting.

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