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Physics BSc to Nuclear Engineering for Grad School

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Jan22-13, 01:15 PM
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How difficult would this be? I'm planning on taking all of the related classes for my upper-division electives (Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, etc) but I want to make sure that this is possible before I completely commit to it.

Also, for those who are in / done with grad school: is it possible to do that subject for grad school part time? My family really needs income as soon as possible, even if it means taking longer to get my masters. Thoughts?

Thanks for your time.
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Jan22-13, 01:25 PM
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I took the same route except I did my MS in Physics as well. It's certainly possible. The main difficulty for me was not having the background in the sense that I didn't know industry standards, terminology, etc. I'd recommend taking or sitting in on some of the pertinent undergraduate courses if the university will allow this. Your advisor should be able to give you advice as, as far as I can tell, Physics -> Nuc. Eng. is rather common.
Jan23-13, 08:30 AM
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Thanks for the news. Much appreciated!

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