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How do factories assemble hickory wood claw hammer?

by qpham26
Tags: assemble, claw, factories, hammer, hickory, wood
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Feb2-13, 06:34 PM
P: 56
Hi guys, I am wondering about how people make wood claw hammer
a simple one with just a handle, the head, and 1 wedge.

It is fully automatic, let say they have all the parts previously made, and they only need to press a button to assemble all the hammer.
How could the assembly be done without any human intervention? (beside turning on the machines of course)

What are the engineering behind it? and what are the simple machines(purely mechanic, no robots, laser, computers, etc) that could be used for this purpose?

I couldn't find anything on google beside the production of steel hammer, which wasn't what I needed.
I hope that some one with personal experience or better research skills can help me out.

Thanks for your time.
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