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Why so many entries in revision history at ncbi?

by hivesaeed4
Tags: entries, history, ncbi, revision
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Feb5-13, 12:53 AM
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Okay so I'm using ncbi and when using the nucleotide database, when I access the revision history of a result of any query, I get a lot of sequences. Surprisingly they all are of the same version. Why? If each is different shouldn't they have different version numbers? They all have different update dates yet all are the same thing (same version). Can someone explain them to me?

Attached is a screenshot explaining what I mean.
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Feb5-13, 02:58 PM
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How do you get to the revision history? I've never seen that. And couldn't the revisions be updates on the annotation and not on the sequence itself?
Feb6-13, 12:12 AM
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Accessing revision history is simple. After accessing an entry, you go to the top left side of the page and in display settings you select revision history and press ok.

And maybe you're right with regards to revisions being updates on the annotations. It does make sense. But I need to know definitely (no offence).

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