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Vacuum stability bound on higgs mass

by pleasehelpmeno
Tags: higgs mass, supersymmetry, vacuum stability
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Feb19-13, 06:45 AM
P: 160

I have been working through and want to plot the graph (fig1.2) on page 10 also found here or here

I have worked through and got the formula for the triviality bound and that is fine and got the vacuum stability bound of [itex]m_{h}^{2}>\frac{3m_{t}^{4}}{v^2 \pi^2 }\ln{\frac{v \exp(\frac{v^2 \pi^2 m^{2}_{h} v^{2}}{3m_{t}^{4}})}{v}}=\frac{3m_{t}^{4}}{v^2 \pi^2 }\ln{\frac{\Lambda}{v}} [/itex] matching the book.

However when plugging in numbers and plotting (higgs mass agaimst [itex] \Lambda [/itex]) I don't get the same trend for this bottom bound and i don't understand why, can anyone help?

inding this graph
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