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First zvs driver+induction coil/heater HOT! please help

by 4TheResistance
Tags: coil or heater, driver, induction
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Feb20-13, 02:12 AM
P: 3
I am making my first zvs driver and when I got it "finished" all it did was get my inductor and mosfets hot, the screwdriver I had in the heater did nothing. I killed the power before any damage was done, I hope. My mosfets are 2 IRFP250n's and im powering it with a 12V 4A battery charger. My capacitor is from a microwave, 0.80μf and 2100V AC, is this too big?

I am new to most of this so just assume I know nothing. I won't be offended.
I am open to all suggestions and will put a few pics up tomorrow.

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Feb20-13, 03:17 PM
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I just changed the inductor to 4 0f these in parallel.

Still doesn't work. the mosfets climb to 130F very fast but my screw stays cool.
Feb21-13, 12:49 AM
P: 3
Ok my caps came in the mail today so I switched the monster cap for 3- 1μf 250v in series. My inductors are no longer getting hot but the caps get a "little warm" and the mosfets still get HOT. I can tell its working now though, got a piece of a coat hanger up to 100F but the mosfets were way hotter so I killed the power.

Other than heatsinks(I'm waiting for my thermal grease) is there something I can change to keep the mosfets from burning up?

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