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Chart of the Nuclides

by desibrij_1785
Tags: chart, nuclides
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Feb2-05, 10:46 AM
P: 8
Data mine the chart of the Nuclides for the follwoing info...

1. Natural isotopes and their abundances.
2. Atomic masses of isotopes in amus.
3. Half lives of naturally occuring isotopes, if radioactive.

for the following elements.
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Feb5-05, 03:08 PM
P: 395
A simple search on an internet websearch engine would have easily returned a website with that information. I tried "Google" using "nuclides" and this first site that came up,, gave me all the information you need.

Also, I do not believe this belongs in here if it is your homework unless you have some need to discuss it.

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