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Organic Chemistry: Formamide + Formic Acid

by maverick280857
Tags: acid, chemistry, formamide, formic, organic
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Apr4-05, 08:58 AM
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I want to know what happens when a mixture containing aldehyde(s) and ketone(s) is introduced to a mixture of formamide [itex]HCONH_2[/itex] and formic acid [itex]HCOOH[/itex].

Do both aldehyde and ketone react? Or does only one react?

Eagerly awaiting a response...

Thanks and Cheers
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Apr4-05, 10:02 AM
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nothing that I can think of, the amide won't be strong enough for aldol condensations...probably small scale acid base reactions at the most and formation of solid adducts. You would also have to analyze the boiling point/mp of these substances and consider how you would actually mix all of them together in the first place....Interesting physical and chemical dynamics may occur

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