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by ottjes
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Apr1-03, 09:36 AM
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I have to write a short article about a physics subject, i can pick my own subject.
Problem is i don't know any fun subject :(

I am second year physics student, university
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Apr1-03, 02:11 PM
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You don't? [o)] Haven't you ever wondered 'why does this work?', or 'how did they find this formula?' or things like that? Well, this is your chance to have a closer look. [s(]

Example: How did Newton find the Law of Gravity? After all, he couldn't fly around in space, measuring forces...
Apr1-03, 02:31 PM
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Apr1-03, 09:46 PM
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Subject for article

Try Special Theory of Relativity. This shouldn't be too hard, you should be able to find a lot of general information and concepts on this matter.

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