Fibonacci Phi - The Golden Ratio

by Fractal Freak
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matt grime
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Oct14-05, 11:45 AM
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Whilst phi certainly does have things to do with nature, whcih are well known and understood (there is a notion of speed of convergence and phi has some special properties there that mean sunflower seeds for example are dstributed approximately as a fibonnacci sequence; this ensures best exposrure for least coverage) but most of what you cite as frequent occurences are famously red herrings. There is no use of phi in art or sculpture by the greeks: pots came in many sizes, and there is no reason to suppose that rations of phi have ever been thought "more attractive". Anatomical references are not accurate either. It so happens that if you divide something into two roughly equal parts then they may lbe close to phi, an number that is close to 1.
Mike AkA Don
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Oct22-05, 05:43 PM
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I too find it fascinating. has quite a lot on it and relates it to art it really is incredible. I did quite a lot of research on it after reading The Da Vinci Code.

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