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Phys career

by michealsmith
Tags: career, phys
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Nov16-05, 02:48 AM
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wats a good reason to embark on a physics career
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Nov16-05, 03:06 AM
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For the intrinsic rewards of learning!
Nov16-05, 03:09 AM
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Being interested in physics is the only good reason.

Nov16-05, 04:23 AM
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Phys career

All the hot chicks
just kidding.
Nov16-05, 04:42 AM
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Welcome to the forums michealsmith,

For me, the core of it: the pleasure of learning and of solving problems, plus working on things that nobody else has studied or dealt with before.

Other things I enjoy from it:
I really like the kind of environment in which you work, the people you interact with and the toys you get to use.
Nov19-05, 11:27 PM
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Quote Quote by michealsmith
wats a good reason to embark on a physics career
For PF!

( well, that sounded a little weird)...
Nov20-05, 01:43 PM
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Groupies Groupies Groupies =) j/k

If you are thinking of being a physicist than that is the first step, You must understand your most likely not going to be rich or famou but I do it cause I love solving problems.

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