What's your area and level of expertise?

by Moonbear
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Jul12-05, 01:46 PM
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quetzacoatl: do you use 3D graphics/engines in your study in computational chemistry? Or is it all numerical stuff?
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Jul15-05, 09:15 AM
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Quote Quote by Moonbear
We've got quite a broadly based set of expertise here. This is fantastic! Anyone else lurking out there? I haven't seen Adrenaline in ages, but I know she's also an M.D., but I'm not sure of her specialty.
General Internal Medicine, but I get consulted for most of the acute critical care (ICU, CCU postoperative complicated surgical patients). This is where I do my clinical preceptorship with medical students every three months when I get assigned to ward duty for MCG medical school. I also have a side clinic specializing in athletes with Internal Medicine issues (those with type 1.5 or type I diabetes, hemachromatosis, autoimmune diseases etc.) and I workwith managing their complex medical problems so that they can function at peak level with their athleticism. Because I race mountain bikes, I do see a disproportionate amount of CAT III and above road bike racers and semi pro mountain bikers (I see a lot of college athletes in other fields as a result). Most of them are endurance athletes since medical problems (such as dosing insulin or prednisone, biannual phlebotomies for hemachromatosis really affects these types of athletes more.) I leave non medical problems such as orthopedic problems to the sports medicine orthopedists.
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Aug10-05, 04:25 AM
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I'm still busy with my bachelor degree, but I'm planning to do a masters degree in herpetology or marine biology. I really like to do fieldwork, so that's what I really want to do after college! Doing conservation work and studying about animal behaviour :)
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Aug11-05, 05:32 PM
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Quote Quote by Moonbear
LOL! No offense taken. I didn't gear my question much toward the high school and college crowd, so there will be a lot of us "old-timers" answering here. A lot of things change between high school and starting a career, so don't worry about being uncertain yet.
that's not the attitude you took towards dduardo!
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Sep12-05, 06:54 AM
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About to complete my Honours year in Molecular Biology, working with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Bakers yeast) to study methylglyoxal production, calorie restriction and lifespan.
My degree was a double degree in science and arts, so i also have a double major in arts: Philosophy, and History and Philosophy of Science.

Quote Quote by Mr. dude
wow. You people are all old. (no offense). I'm still in bloody high school and I guess I'm leaning a lot more towards a career in Biology more than anything.
I envy ppl who are smart enough/lucky enough/bored enough to find a website like this and spend time here while they are still young. By engaging in these sorts of conversations when u still ahve plenty of time to choose your path, you can make a much more informed decision.
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Sep18-05, 06:46 PM
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Quote Quote by neurocomp2003
quetzacoatl: do you use 3D graphics/engines in your study in computational chemistry? Or is it all numerical stuff?
i do molecular dynamics - simulating trajectories of proteins in a box of water molecules, and then getting dynamic properties (such as volume). experimentalists can then use this data to determine what regions of the protein have caused the volume change that they can read to nanosecond timescales.

a graphical animation of this can be made, but this part is trivial...MD involves a great deal of math, quantum and statistical mechanics, etc..
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Oct4-05, 07:50 PM
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I got a 640 on my Bio SAT II...
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Oct4-05, 07:57 PM
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I'm an amateur experimental subject
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Oct4-05, 10:11 PM
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what kind experiments were u involved in
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Oct23-05, 07:26 PM
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Hi, I just found this website tonight. Well, I am a PhD graduate student in Biophysics. My bachelors degree was in Honors Applied Physics and Mathematics. My honors thesis was in first order computational models of the bowing action of the violin. My research interests are in single molecule studies of globular proteins and novel sprectroscopic techniques. Currently, I am working on the A-beta protein.
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Nov4-05, 01:07 AM
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i'm in my 3rd year of my undergrad degree for Biomedical Biology.... and currently not doing so well :(
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Nov4-05, 01:47 AM
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Well, chantella, you've come to the right place. I hope you've found our Education Zone (if not, click the link in my signature).
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Nov14-05, 08:47 AM
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Second year undergraduate studying biology and anthropology.
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Nov14-05, 02:27 PM
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a third year undergrad at molecular biology and genetics, mainly interested in cell biology I guess -actually more like I'm trying to figure out :)
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Dec2-05, 04:46 PM
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Hey all, I'm a senior working on my B.S. in Biology with an interest in immunology and virology. Research includes neutrophil chemotaxis to synthetic analogues of a particularly antigenic tripeptide found in bacteria. I'm hoping to learn more about biology in general by answering and asking questions here (in the past I'd used it for physics, but there's something much more interesting about the science of lifeforms ).
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Dec3-05, 04:59 AM
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Welcome back, stick around! Yeah, science of lifeforms is more interesting but don't say that to the others
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Dec5-05, 01:59 AM
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I'm in second year uni working towards a degree in Plant biology, genetics specialization and I'm also doing a minor in earth sciences.

yay botany! :)
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Dec5-05, 07:56 PM
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I haven't had a chance to welcome aboard all the new biology afficionados in a while. Glad to have so many new participants in here.

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