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Reproducing Boag and Wilson's ionisation curve

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Feb21-14, 09:02 AM
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Hi, i'm trying to plot the the ionisation curve of an ionisation chamber against the theoretical curve outlined by Boag and Wilson in their paper -

I can't follow their derivation for the equation all the way (I know I should, but i don't have much time) but I have tried to reproduce their theoretical curve from the parametric equation for f and xi. I create f and xi from omega, then plot f against xi.

The shape of the curve looks pretty good, but it seems to be in a different place on the x axis - in the paper the mid point is somewhere around 0.1, on my graph the mid point is somewhere around 3. i can't see a reason for the difference (am i missing something? is it obvious?) attached picture is of of the curve i plotted

help much appreciated
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Feb21-14, 10:37 AM
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false alarm. stupid mistake

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