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Redox equivalence point

by Big-Daddy
Tags: equivalence, point, redox
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Aug24-13, 06:07 PM
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I had a look at an online page for redox titrations ( I can extend my understanding of that page far enough to say that for two half-reactions vA A + ve1 e- ⇔ vB B (vSpecies is the stoichiometric coefficient) and vC C + ve2 e- ⇔ vD D, the point at which [A] = vA/vD * [D] and [ B] = vB/vC * [C] is the equivalence point.

However, what is the definition of the redox equivalence point if we instead have the following reactions occurring:
vA A + vB B +...+ ve1 e- ⇔ vC C + vD D and vE E + vF F +...+ ve2 e- ⇔ vG G + vH H

And how, in these cases, can we calculate the potential at the equivalence point? (The linked web-page only goes through a more basic case.)
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