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Found this on 9gag and would like to know the answer

by pedromatias
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Sep1-14, 01:02 PM
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So a few nights ago I was on 9gag and stumbled upon this post: I would really like to know the answer so if someone knows it please post it. Thanks in advance
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Sep1-14, 01:08 PM
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Assuming the pingpong ball and string are weightless, and the two balls are the same volume, and there's an equal amount of water in each container, then I'd say the thing stays still and doesn't tip at all. But after reading the comments on that website, I think I'm wrong. I think the steel ball side goes down because of the string holding the steel ball is holding less weight due to the buoyancy of the water holding up some of it. That sounds right to me.
Sep1-14, 01:10 PM
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There was a thread started a couple of weeks ago about this same problem:

Vanadium 50
Sep1-14, 05:05 PM
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Found this on 9gag and would like to know the answer

And that's where the discussion should be.

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