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Why vowels are so important

by Avichal
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Aug31-13, 09:32 AM
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As a native English speaker I assert that a continuous vowel undertone is bad diction. That applies to whispering, singing, shouting or normal speech.
Aug31-13, 11:23 AM
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but I think that R can also be a vowel

Typically syllables are made around a vowel, R is one of consonants that can play the same role.
Nick O
Sep1-13, 08:40 PM
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I'm sure that R can be a syllabic consonant, but /ɚ/ seems to be very much a vowel in American English. For example, Kirk, bird, and Turk are /kɚk/, /bɚd/, and /tɚk/ respectively. If /ɚ/ is not considered a vowel, then no vowel sound is present in the American English* pronunciation of these words. It may be argued that this is a syllabic consonant instead, but I can detect no more consonantal quality to this than to, say, /i/. It's much different from the syllabic L in "pencil"* and the syllabic M in "rhythm".

Disclaimer: Although I am fascinated by linguistics, I have no authority to speak in the place of a linguist.

* I am referring to the set of most accents encountered from the Midwest to the Pacific. Eastern pronunciations may vary.

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