Diffusion Constant

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Oct23-13, 06:07 PM
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Hey everybody, first post here. Having some trouble with a biophysics questions. So, the question is basically this: You have a certain number of ants, you place them in the center of a large smooth table and after 1 minute a snapshot is taken and the number of ants in 5cm concentric circles is counted.

InitialPoint. -5cm-- 2ants --5cm-- 5ants --5cm-- ... and so on.

I need to find the average displacement, the root-mean-squared displacement, and the diffusion constant. I've looked everywhere in my notes and online but all I can find is the solution for molecules using the temperature and viscosity of the fluid. I'm pretty sure the solution is a Gaussian distribution.

Maybe is there another name for average displacement, or I'm over thinking it. The diffusion constant is where I'm really stuck. I don't know what other info I can give, it's my first post so maybe so advice on the problem and my post would be the most beneficial.

THanks 3=MC
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Oct23-13, 08:16 PM
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I didn't realize there was a homework section. My bad. Although any direction to the solution would be appreciated. Should I deleted this thread?


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