Minimum daily whole-body X-ray dose to cause radiation poisoning?

by Quantumbit97
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Dec14-13, 04:10 AM
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If I were given a whole-body X-ray dose daily for many days (a year for example)
What would be the highest dosage per day which would result in an increased cancer risk but no noticeable signs of radiation poisoning by the end of the year, or during?

And also, I've read that a 2KRad dose would increase the risk of cancer to 100%
(Nearly 100%)

If this dose was spread over a year, would the cancer be most likely to result at the end of the year, or before, or far into the future?

This is not a homework question, I want to make a radiation safety page for my website.
And also I have had one too many accidents with X-rays due to my being an idiot, so this is probably the reason I am concerned.

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Dec14-13, 09:13 AM
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There is very, very little data on people who have had large whole-body doses spread over long periods of time. What data there is is with higher energy exposures (n, beta, gamma).
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Dec14-13, 10:31 AM
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Quote Quote by Quantumbit97 View Post
I want to make a radiation safety page for my website.
"Avoid anything that comes even close to that" is probably a good idea.

If a specific dose within a very short timescale does not lead to direct effects, it should not lead to those effects if the same is more spread out. So everything below ~.5mSv/day should not lead to radiation poisoning - that is a very low lower bound, but you don't want to get anything close to this value anyway.

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