Function of a Proton Synchrotron

by RhianonLovelac
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Jan15-14, 07:42 AM
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I am a young physics student currently attaining my A Levels, therefore my knowledge of this higher quantum physics is very limited. However, I have been given the oppotunity to possibly visit Cern, and conduct an experiment using the Proton beam (proton synchroton) and I must plan said experiment, using the technology available. I wish to learn as much as possible on the topic as I currently have little knowledge of the function of the proton beam, what is it capable of doing/showing and I wish to gain any feedback regarding the aims and limitations of the equipment. Obviously, it is very early days I just would liek to gain as much information as possible, thanks.
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Jan15-14, 08:02 AM
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First things first. Have you looked up the applications of a regular electron synchrotron? There are PLENTY of these facilities around the world and info on them are aplenty. Start from there!


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