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Gas in a gallon of hydrogen

by GTeclips
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Feb19-13, 06:39 PM
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I'm just wondering how many cubic feet of gaseous hydrogen are in one gallon of liquid hydrogen. I know I'm not being too specific and that many variables are involved (temperature, atmospheric pressure... etc), but approximately how many are in a gallon? And yes, I have checked Google. I have found nothing useful.

I wish to perform small scale experiments with hydrogen as a lifting gas in small balloons, in case you're curious.

Sorry for not using metric, I'm used to U.S.

Thank you!
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Feb19-13, 07:41 PM
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Well, the density of liquid hydrogen is 67.80 kg/m. From this value, you can find the number of moles of hydrogen in a gallon of liquid hydrogen, and from that number you can calculate the volume of gaseous hydrogen at your specified temperature and pressure.
Feb20-13, 12:39 PM
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Without being too precise, there about 4L per gallon. Each mole of hydrogen (2g) should produce about 23 L of gas or 5.5 gal. You will need to determine the volume in cubic feet per gallon.

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