Where's the best place to buy chemicals?

by skyshrimp
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Sep4-13, 05:36 AM
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I'm just a hobbyist learning basic chemistry for fun home projects. The first thing I'd like to try out is the Chloride test which requires potassium chromate and silver nitrate. I'll only need less than 50g of each compound.

Where's the cheapest place in the UK to buy this stuff? 50g of potassium chromate is on ebay for 13.50 ($21) shipped. Is that a good price for 50g? I'm going to be building up a collection of chemicals over time so I thought I'd ask you guys for advice
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Sep4-13, 12:36 PM
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That's a good price for potassium chromate. If you can buy this stuff online legally, that would be my method of choice.

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