Electromagnetism and Beta Decay

by ShrodingersCat
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Jan14-14, 09:39 AM
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I am participating in a STEM fair(I am a middle schooler), and my scientific question is :
Does the angle of the particle trails increase from beta decay when you introduce an electromagnetic influence?

I have been at a loss for finding a helpful site. The ones that I have come across are mediocre, or cross over into an advanced field that I am not prepared to look into.

My endeavors for researching an answer were all in vain, so I inferenced my hypothesis with what limited knowledge I have.

I am currently browsing through different online databases(Duke, Cornell, etc). If anyone could guide me to a site,book, or person that would be awesome!
Thank you!
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Meir Achuz
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Jan14-14, 10:41 AM
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A magnetic field will make the beta decay electrons curve in a circular or helical path.
Any elementary college physics text should describe this.
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Jan21-14, 09:35 PM
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Thanks! That is what i had hypothesized.

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