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by Quarlep
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Feb15-14, 04:37 PM
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Lets suppose we have one dimension and in this one dimension we have two points.How can we symbolize both of them or I f we want to symbolize between these numbers what should I use.

Example we have 10 and 5 and I want to symbolize in this numbers and make a equation.Well it means the answer is 5 and 10 both of them.There is such a equation to make it true I thought matrix but I don't know.
Simply I want to find a equation which gave me two answer or and it be a point (beacuse one dimesion) and of course this solition must be work in one dimension
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Stephen Tashi
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Feb15-14, 05:47 PM
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What about [itex] (x-5)(x-10) = 0 [/itex] ?

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