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0 to the Power of 0

by aeiti
Tags: power
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Jan29-14, 02:21 AM
P: 2
I was just playing with the concept of 00 being undefined, and I came up with a couple of reasons. Would the steps taken in the attached image be considered correct in saying that 00 is undefined in that it can be either 0 or 1 depending on how you use/define 00? If they are incorrect, could someone please explain how so?
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Jan29-14, 02:27 AM
P: 295
It can be a whole bunch of other stuff, not just 0 and 1.
Jan29-14, 02:56 AM
P: 2
Could you show me an example or point me to one?

Jan29-14, 03:10 AM
P: 759
0 to the Power of 0

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Could you show me an example or point me to one?
Hi ! There are several examples in the paper "Zero to the Zero-th Power" :

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