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Detecting photons at LHC

by Safinaz
Tags: detecting, photons
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Jan3-14, 04:28 AM
P: 59
Hi all,

Is it not preferable to detect a particle at the LHC with final states of photons, that when I read
in many papers I find for example for a particle beyond SM like an octet scalars if they could decay
into jets and photons+jets ( S^+ -> S^- A -> t b A), only jets channels take a concern, so do jets or
leptons detection has advantages than photons siganls ?

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Jan3-14, 04:34 PM
P: 12,113
Where are the photons in your process?
And if you just look at the different channels, are there different numbers of photons?

Photons are nice (better energy resolution as for jets), but for most processes they are less frequent than jets.
Leptons are even better - you can track their path and get a good position and momentum resolution. And muons are easy to identify.

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