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Hydrogen anion stable when left unperturbed ?

by xortdsc
Tags: anion, hydrogen, stable, unperturbed
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Jan11-14, 09:42 AM
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I wondered if an isolated singly negatively ionized hydrogen atom (1 proton, 2 electrons) would be stable.
In the corresponding wikipedia article it states: "H− is unusual because, in its free form, it has no bound excited states, as was finally proven in 1977 (Hill 1977)." - does this mean it would loose one of its electrons (and by that its ionization) as soon as it absorbs a photon, but when both electrons remain in their ground state (1s orbital) due to lack of external radiation they would remain in a stable bound state ?

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Jan11-14, 09:53 AM
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Ah, I was to quick with my question. I've found a source which is more explicit with its statement saying: "Correlations between the two electrons are strong already in the ground state, the only bound state in this three-body system."

So it seems it is stable when both electrons are on the 1s orbital.

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