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Spiral scissor lift?

by baceball7666
Tags: lift, scissor, spiral
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Jan11-14, 09:07 PM
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I am building a robot for the VEX worlds competition and, I was thinking of a spiral scissor lift. But my problem is I only have two mothers to use on this part of the robot. The robot has a square base, so the spiral has to be square. If you could give your theories of how it would work, that would be great.
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Jan13-14, 06:42 AM
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Welcome to the forum.
A scissor lift becomes narrower in one dimension as it gets higher. To do that in a spiral would require a cylinder that reduces diameter as it increases in height. That is not good for stability. What is a mother?
Is this anything like your concept;
It would be good if you could link to a picture similar to what you have in mind.
Jan13-14, 08:19 AM
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Click image for larger version

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This is the robots base if this helps.

Jan13-14, 10:57 AM
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Spiral scissor lift?

i meant motor not mother.

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