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Choosing a generator for a wave energy demonstrator

by Fluidman117
Tags: choosing, demonstrator, energy, generator, wave
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Jul28-14, 03:13 AM
P: 34

I am building a small scale wave energy converter for testing in a wave tank. I have my device almost ready, but I am still missing a generator. My idea is to just to show that my design works and I can light a light bulb.

I can convert my linear motion to rotary motion. Then I can use the rotating shaft to run a generator. However, generators are not my strongest field. What requirements should I have for the generator (the sole purpose of the generator is to only light a light bulb) ? Does anyone have any recommendations?

I know from my calculations that the capacity of the generator has to be 10-20 W.

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Jul28-14, 10:14 AM
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What about lighting an nightlight LED that takes about 1/4 W?

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