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How does superheating affect solubility?

by ejnovek
Tags: affect, solubility, superheating
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Aug2-14, 09:44 AM
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During my summer chemistry course yesterday, I asked my teacher this question and she said she didn't know.
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Aug6-14, 11:56 AM
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Super-heating does not have a dramatic effect on solubility, as you could remember that boiling point are not fixed. Water boils at 100 C at 1 atm yet it easily goes to 120 in a household pressure cooker, and while doing so it is better at dissolving stuff although the added pressure goes against the effect.

For super-heating at normal pressures... this is not an easy experiment as the dissolving matter will be a nucleation center for solvent boiling and super-heating will be hard to achieve.

Btw in all the above, I assumed solid materials and not liquid-liquid or gas dissolution.

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