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Possible decays of buttomonium

by kuecken
Tags: buttomonium, decays
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Apr5-14, 05:32 AM
P: 16
Hello, I need some help understanding the possible decays of buttomonium b[itex]\bar{b}[/itex].

If I consider weak and electromagnetic interaction I could get final quark-anti-quark pairs, by simply annihilating b[itex]\bar{b}[/itex], or lepton-anti-lepton pairs (the neutral ones only with Zo resonance).
So why are we looking for strong interaction? They are stronger, but also suppressed in this case, if we assume the mass of b[itex]\bar{b}[/itex] is below the one to from b-mesons.

So is it the case that the three gluon involving OZI suppressed decay is still stronger then the weak and EM interaction?

Thank you!
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Apr5-14, 06:35 AM
P: 11,631
Which bottomonium? The annihilation to two quarks or leptons via a virtual photon depends on the spin of the particle.

As an example, Υ(1s) likes to decay to three gluons: 82%
Apr5-14, 10:52 AM
P: 16
I was not thinking about a specific one. The link actually helps a lot thanks.

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