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Schroediger Equation by Neutrino Oscillations

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May9-14, 05:26 PM
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I am going to answer for future reference some of the open questions of this thread:

Regarding post #12:
i) Both m_D[itex]m_D[/itex] and [itex]m_{MR}[/itex] can indeed be extended to 2x2 (or 3x3 for all flavors) matrices. It is noticeable however that we either diagonalize each term independently and study the oscillations or place them together in the mass matrix of the seesaw-mechanism and diagonalize before introducing the flavour mixing. For example, Pontecorvo uses only [itex]m_{MR}[/itex] in his original paper and discusses the neutrino-antineutrino oscillation.
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Majorana neutrino don't contribute to oscillation.
ii) Oscillations are dictated by the mass terms in the Lagrangian. Whether the neutrino is actually a Dirac or a Majorana particle is irrelevant.

Regarding posts #15 & #17:
Fukugita & Yanagida's Physics of Neutrinos and Applications to Astrophysics is an excellent reference book to look up for theories, which try to explain both the smallness of the Dirac mass as well the arising of the Majorana mass. I quote three possibilities:
  • Majoron Model (SSB of the lepton number symmetry similar to the Higgs Mechanism)
  • Mass induced by radiactive Corrections (extra scalar field in the Higgs potential)
  • Various BSM Models (Horizontal Symmetries, Peccei-Quinn symmetry, SO(10), Froggatt-Nielsen, to name a few)

The main question of this thread, namely the derivation of a Schroediger equation for the neutrino flavour mixing, is answered so unless somebody wants to add something, I consider it closed.

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